Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wanna Read Articles from the New York Times? Better Pay Up

I understand that reading newspapers on a tablet is great but I admit that it may be a real challenge to find something better than the New York Times. The Times has long been seen as the top newspaper in the world. People can read Times articles on their tablets and other mobile devices without many advertisements on it. However, this is going to work only in the event that a customer is willing to pay for it.

I understand that this is the case because the computer can involve a variety of controls that relate to how the fees for online services work. Still, this is something that must be paid for if it is going to work properly.

What charges are there?

The charges for reading the Times on a tablet or other mobile device should be reviewed carefully. First, a customer will have to pay $15 a month to read twenty articles. There is also an annual subscription option that allows people to read as many articles as they want in a year. This will involve a fee of $195 for an entire year of coverage.

This is a sensible fee when it is considered. After all, customers do have the right to download their favorite articles for later use.

iPad features

The iPad can handle the Times online as well. This will involve a monthly charge of $20 or an annual charge of $260. This added fee is being used as a means of helping to get the paper to adjust its articles with mobile controls in mind. This is an interesting point that needs to be seen when finding something useful.

Full access

It is easy to get full access to the Times through mobile and desktop functions. A fee of $445 per year or $35 per month is needed for this.

It is understandable that these pricing options are controversial. After all, they do involve good deals of money that not all Times readers can afford to handle. However, this is being done as a means of giving the paper the ability to work with mobile and online functions while making sure that the paper can stay afloat. After all, the print industry has been hurt by people getting into different online papers.

I would not be surprised if other big name newspapers started to charge people for online access. After all, the increase in online readers for different newspapers has made for something difficult that may not be easy to work with in all cases.

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