Friday, March 18, 2011

Tokyo Power Company Decides to Create a Twitter Account

The ongoing crisis involving the Daichi nuclear power plant in Japan has been very substantial. There are concerns that damages to the plant could cause a great deal of disruption and chaos around Japan in the event that it is not being carefully controlled. Therefore, the Tokyo Electric Power Company has established its own Twitter feed to cover all updates that relate to the condition of the Daichi plant.

What it is used for

This new Twitter feed is being used as a means of helping to allow people to understand what is going on with the plant. This includes information that relates to how repairs are working and what process is being used to keep things from being worse than what they already are.

It also includes information that relates to all of the outages and problems that are involved with electricity in Japan. This information is a necessity because repairs may require the need to get different kinds of areas of Japan to be without power for a period of time. Information on all planned outages and other concerns are being issued through the Twitter page.

How popular is it?

The Twitter feed, which is listed as OfficialTEPCO, is listed in Japanese. Fortunately, this has not kept people in the country from dealing with any challenges to getting access to it. OfficialTEPCO has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers. In fact, about 115,000 followers joined up a few hours after the page was set up. This is a sign that shows how concerned people in Japan are over the way how the nuclear crisis is being controlled to where it will be covered carefully without any serious risks involved in the repair process.

What makes this valuable?

This is a valuable feature to see with regards to the use of social media because the information can provide people with details on things that relate to what is going on with the company’s efforts to control the problem. This includes updates on reactors and other critical items.

It is not certain as to what the feed is going to cover. However, it is clear that TEPCO is doing this as a means of keeping everyone comfortable and to ensure that hey are fully aware of every single thing that is going on with the repairs. This is a necessity because the repairs are being used to help protect the people of Japan from further damages that could be caused as a result of the nuclear plant’s dangers.

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