Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BlackBerry Barges into the Tablet Computer Race with the PlaybookV

BlackBerry is a name that I have come to enjoy because of its many great devices. However, the company has become something that is going into the tablet business and I have been expressing some interest in that. Part of this comes from the PlaybookV, a new tablet that BlackBerry has introduced recently.

This tablet is promoting itself as one that can handle great music playback features. I an very interested in this point and will definitely be looking forward to it because of how effective the player is and how I myself like to use music files on my mobile devices.

A unique music interface

The PlaybookV has a music interface that is different from what Apple uses. Apple devices use iTunes while the PlaybookV will have its own special application that is similar to what iTunes uses. 7 Digital is the name of the special program that the PlaybookV uses.

7 Digital is an online music program that allows people to arrange their music files and download new music files. This is very easy to work with and can handle many different kinds of formats.

The best part of this is that it will already be included in the device. There is no need to have to buy anything new to get this to work. It can be fully functional straight out of the box.

How does it sound?

One thing about the PlaybookV that I really like is the way how it plays back music. It uses a great series of speakers to help play back items. The headphone support on the device also helps me out when I am trying to listen to things in private.

Other points

There is one other thing about the PlaybookV that makes it useful. It has a few other connections with some big names that offer multimedia support. BlackBerry has a deal with Kobo, the online book seller, to handle online book services here. The PlaybookV also has a link with EA Sports to help handle different gaming applications with ease. These can be used to make the device more effective and useful for anyone who wants to have a good time with playing on it.

The features of the BlackBerry PlaybookV are ones that I am definitely excited and thrilled about. They are points that show just how effective the device can be and how well it can work for anyone who wants music support among other things.

Contest Questions:-

1.      What’s the name of the BlackBerry Playbook’s music application?
2.      Do users have to download it?


xmd5 said...

1.BlackBerry Playbook
2. no

Kim said...

1. What’s the name of the BlackBerry Playbook’s music application?

Ans. BlackBerry Playbook

2. Do users have to download it?

Ans. No

linda thomas said...

Q2- NO