Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Japan Tsunami Births Quake-Related Scams Online

One thing that upsets me with regards to the ways how different relief efforts happen comes from how people will create loads of scams as a means of trying to exploit disasters in order to get money from people. I have seen this happen several times after 9/11 and again after the Asian tsunami and then Hurricane Katrina. This is a ridiculous problem that needs to be controlled.

In fact, I have seen many scams come up as a result of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. There are many scammers who are trying to use this as a means of getting money off of people who think that they are donating to worthwhile charities that are actually going to help people around Japan.

What is going on with scams

The scams that are being used are found in many forms. Some scams involve emails and websites being set up saying that people can get onto different kinds of relief efforts. However, many of these scams are phishing services used to help gather information. Some other scams can contain viruses that will steal information from people.

Why does this happen?

This is done as a means of trying to take advantage of the emotional appeals that come with supporting such a difficult concern as the tsunami and earthquake.  This emotional need is something that might cause people to want to do something to help without any person being aware of what is going on.

You should be careful

Fortunately, you can be careful if you watch for the right considerations when getting relief for Japan covered. It is important to see if there is an accreditation for any group that is asking for money for Japan. It may help to check the Red Cross website to see if a group that is asking for money is legitimate.

It is also important to watch for the type of payment that is being handled. It will help to see that everything is done in a secure connection that works from one collector to a larger charitable organization. This is used to help ensure that the money being used will be sent out as carefully as possible.

It should be important for anyone to take a look at these points for handling relief for Japan. The truth about dealing with Japan relief concerns is that it can be a real challenge to get money out to a right person but it will help to ensure that all donations to Japan are being handled.

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