Monday, March 28, 2011

Facebook Lowers Spam by Tweaking Its Friend Request Email Notifications

As much as I enjoy getting new friends on my Facebook page I am not a fan of some of the ways how my email client tends on getting spam taken care of. There are many cases where some requests might end up being read as spam. There are also cases where spammers might try to send in friend requests to me. These are bothersome problems that can make it difficult to get Facebook to work as well as it should be.

Fortunately, Facebook is working to control the ways how friend request emails are being handled. This is by controlling the ways how email requests are being sent.

More details

A big part of the friend request emails is that they are requiring more personal information. This is used to ensure that email requests will be made by those who are not going to deal with malware and are legitimate users who want to become friends with people on Facebook. This is a useful thing that will help to make the program more secure.

Reviews of requests

There are also some requests that might involve people who have low numbers of friends of activity levels. These are often seen as spammers. You can review how a request is being sent and if users are going to handle all of their requests as well as possible. There is also the ability of how friend requests can be monitored to where a user can determine manually if one knows if a user is easy to recognize. People can mark in a box if they know people who they are getting requests from or not.

The big benefit

The biggest gain that comes from the use of this feature of Facebook is that it will help to keep spam from being prevalent. The problem with many emails for requests is that they are often spam mails. Fortunately, spammers are beginning to notice this and as a result will not be likely to get into Facebook again. This is a real benefit that will be comfortable for anyone to get into.

This point of Facebook is something that I am proud to write about. It will not be too much of a challenge to get spam controlled with this in mind because it can be secure and useful for all sorts of needs. This is a great benefit that should not be too much of a challenge to get into because it is a smart feature that will not be too much of a risk to deal with.

Contest Questions:-

1.      What did Facebook redesign to reduce spam?
2.      Does the move also thwart the efforts of online scammers?


xmd5 said...

1. they redesign its friend request email notifications.
2. yes

Lost Fermata said...

Question 1.
Facebook redesigned its friend request email notifications.

Question 2.
Yes it does, as people can go through the spammer's profile(if it's a spam request). The redesigned email notifications contain information regarding the identity of friend request senders, such as wall posts, friends, photos and groups

Kim said...

1. What did Facebook redesign to reduce spam?
Ans. friend request email notifications.

2. Does the move also thwart the efforts of online scammers?
Ans. yes

linda thomas said...


Anonymous said...

1)Facebook Redesigns Friend Request Email Notifications to Fight Spam

2)Yes to some measures.