Monday, March 28, 2011

5th Weekly Contest from 28 March to 7 April !!!

Monday March 28:-

First Article :-Facebook Lowers Spam by Tweaking Its Friend Request Email Notifications

Tuesday March 29:-

 First Article:- Aluratek Cinepad: From E-Book Provider to Tablet Computer Maker

PS:- Due to some technical issues we are unable to continue the contest for this week....We've postponed this week's competition for the 4 days and would then resume the same from 4th April. The above two articles  from this week's contest would be taken into account for next week's contest.

The Gizmo King Team apologizes to all the participants for any inconvenience caused.

Warm Regards

Contest Continue:-

Monday April 4:

First Article:- Apple Aims to Entice with the “We Believe” iPad 2 Commercial

Tuesday April 5:

First Article:-Piecing Up the Rumors on the iPhone 5

Wednesday April 6:
First Article:-A Facebook Town Hall Session is in Order with President Obama

Thursday April 7:
First Article:-New Facebook Option: Transforming a Personal Profile into a Business Page

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