Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Twonky Mobile: The Nifty File Streamer

Twonky Mobile is an Android application that I have really become fond of in recent time. This application features the ability to handle film streaming functions. This is a great thing that works with video games, television programs and other large multimedia things that can be used on an Android device. This is one of the most useful programs around with regards to programs that can be used on a mobile device.

Get Files to Other Places

I have a number of devices that can handle many different media files. Fortunately, the Twonky mobile application can work with getting plenty of support for these files. This is through the ability of the application to transmit photos and other files onto a television set. This comes from how the items on the Android phone will be routed through a receiver. This can include an Xbox 360 video game console or even a PlayStation 3 console.

This can work to where all movies and other files on your Android can be played on a TV. This means that you can play all kinds of movies on it. This is a great benefit that makes this all the more useful.

You can also send files to other mobile devices. These include iPhones and other Android phones. This will make it easier for you to get devices to work in many places. It’s very beneficial and smart for any user to work with.

This feature of the application is impressive because it gets beyond the difference between the iPhone and Android and works well with it. This is used to ensure that files can be shared on multiple devices.

Easier to Use

The biggest benefit of this application is that it works without all of the bothersome restrictions for sharing that come with some other applications. The Android version is even better than the iPhone version because the Android version does not have any problems that relate to it sharing only with items that Apple has allowed it to work with. This means that you can go with all types of devices.

The key is that the device you are using should be able to read the file that you are trying to get handled through the Android. I have not experienced too many problems with this and as a result it is a simple and easy to handle function that will not be all that difficult for me to handle. It should not be too difficult for you.

Contest Questions:-

  1. What is the main feature of Twonky Mobile?

  1. Is the access to other devices limited?


Anonymous said...

1. File Sharing
2. No

Sabu c Jacob said...

Sabu C. Jacob- Answer 1. It can be used as remote control for operating TVs and gaming consoles.

Answer 2. No, this device has no restrictions when it comes to sharing and broadcasting files

Kim said...

1. File sharing...

2. No... :)

linda thomas said...

Q1-Twonky Mobile is a media server tool that lets you share and broadcast files onto a slew of electronic devices that it recognizes.


xmd5 said...

1. media server tool
2. no restriction